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Eastern Development Program

The EDP was started by a core group of "elite" clubs in Region 1. Our mission was to provide a development-friendly arena of competition where coaches can operate in a collegial and mutually supportive environment to develop players who aspire the to the highest levels of play - College, Pro and International. etc. 

Working with MSSL, they were able to establish these flights for the U13 and U14 boys groups for the 2010-11 year but, from the beginning, the intention was to expand to include girls, and a full range of age groups.

Thanks to the success of the first year there were EDP flights for Boys and Girls U12-U17 in 2011-12. This coverage will expand to U11-U18 for 2012-13.

Most EDP Boys First Division teams, and selected Girls teams from both divisons are members of US Club's "NPL" family of premier programs.

The EDP's mission is to serve respected clubs whose teams, to develop their players, need a higher level of competition than is available to them locally. The program is administered by MSSL - a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of youth soccer.